The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a powerful tool whSymbol_Numbersich helps people understand and manage themselves, and in turn understand and manage their relationships with others; our Enneagram-based workshops create a platform for authentic communication, awareness and mutual support.

Workshops are always tailored to specific team and organisational needs and recent titles include:

  • ‘Team Enneagram Profiles – The Jigsaw Puzzle of a Healthy Team‘,
  • Team Building Enneagram – Togetherness Through Difference‘,
  • and ‘The Enneagram and Conflict – how different personalities deal with conflict‘.

“Always remember … the Enneagram does not put you in a box it shows you the box you are in and the way out!” 

Some feedback from previous Enneagram workshop participants…

“The Enneagram has provided the team with the opportunity to better understand ourselves and others and how we then translate this into our working environment and relationships.”

“I believe that I am already a better manager and employee just through knowing my stress triggers and my strengths, as I have been able to adapt my habits and behaviours.  Being far more aware of other people’s stress triggers means that feedback or information can be shared in a way that best suits them and encourages the most positive response.  This can be applied to a simple task or a challenging discussion.”

“I have not experienced anything else like it.  Used properly it is a powerful tool that could change the way we operate.”

Read more about The Enneagram and the work of Don Riso and Russ Hudson, founders of The Enneagram Institute,