Navigating new or unfamiliar landscapes can be challenging; sometimes what once seemed familiar can appear unknown and unfathomable.  At Spark we provide development support which enables you to uncover, explore and harness new possibilities brought about by such circumstances.

Whether working with individuals or teams, our integral approach is designed to foster three outcomes: long-term excellence, the ability to self-correct and the competence to be self-generating.

Spark was started by Sue Braithwaite in 2001 and since then she has worked both alone and with others in many project-based configurations.  More recently Sue has been collaborating with Lizzie Prior and Amanda Visagie to bring a variety of Integral Development-based offerings to clients.


Meet our Team

Amanda, Lizzie and Sue love working together, knowing that whether in the planning or delivery stages of projects for clients, their best work is done when they cross-fertilise ideas and co-create.  They share a passion for unlocking potential in individuals and organisations and are particularly focused on bringing coaching and coaching approaches to people and places who are new to this transformational way of working.

Individually, each has specific expertise drawn from years of working in a variety of organisations and with many different individuals; together they bring powerful insights and grounded, practical methods drawn from shared experience.

All three are Integral Development Coaches certified with New Ventures West, having completed the year-long Professional Coaching Course (ICF certified), and each has extensive training in other complementary disciplines.

Sue Braithwaite

Amanda Visagie

Lizzie Prior