Coaching Circles

Coaching Circles, a powerful combination of Action Learning and Integral Coaching, support people in learning about themselves and others while addressing current business or organisational issues.

Through guided peer support and conversation, colleagues learn to talk to each other in a new way, deepening relationships and opening up possibilities.  Honing their coaching skills by working together the circle members help each other develop creative, action-oriented ways to tackle their most pressing challenges.  The collective accountability developed within the group over a series of meetings encourages deep, sustained and time-effective learning.

Some examples of where Coaching Circles have been very effective …

  • with ‘in-tact’ teams where personal aspirations are getting in the way of team effectiveness
  • with cross-organisational groups of people facing the same work transition
  • with under-represented groups who need to develop their own voice

Read more about Coaching Circles from our colleague Charles Brassard who developed this tool: Coaching_Circles_Unleashing_the_Creative_Power_of_the_Group[3]